Wamenu Consulting

Job Vacancy

I. Position: Deputy General Manager

II. Reports to: General Manager

III. Major duties & Responsibilities;

1. Assist the general manager in leading and managing the consulting company and ensuring its growth and profitability

2. Oversee and coordinate various functions and projects within the company, such as finance, human resources, operations, and quality assurance Staff management etc.

3. Lead marketing activities for the growth and profitability of the company

4. Prepare and at least one bid per week and follow up its implementation,

5. Develop existing & new coming Project Implementation follow up system for easy understanding of the progress,

6. Assist Mojo Hawasa Livelihood Restoration plan Implementation,

7. Facilitate USAID-Palladium Financial Transaction Advisory Support project

8. Develop and maintain net-workings with clients and partners

9. Develop & ensure company policies and procedures are followed by employees at all times,

10. Facilitate record, update and analysis data of the company,

11. Other related duties initiated by the General Manager or by own,

12. Represent the general manager in his/her absence and ensure the smooth running of the company,

13. Prepare operational & strategic plan,

14. Prepare monthly report for clients and the company